• 15m HP Premier Flex OM4 FC Cable
15m HP Premier Flex OM4 FC Cable
15m HP Premier Flex OM4 FC Cable
Rp 1.350.000

PN : QK734A

Graded-index, "bendable" fiber optic multimode OM4 50/125um duplex cable and Ethernet assembly with LC/MPO duplex connectors on each end; RoHS compliant

Core diameter: 50um ±3um | Cladding diameter: 125um ±2um | Bandwidth: 4700 MHz-km @ 850nm (laser) | Jacket color: blue | Jacket material: OFNR (optical fiber, nonconductive, riser) LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) thermoplastic | Optical clarity-attenuation (total loss, including connectors): 0.212 db | Minimum recommended bend radius: 2 mm

Approximate loss @ bend radius (850 nm):

< 0.05 db @ 35.7 mm (2 turns)

< 0.1 db @ 15 mm (2 turns)

< 0.2 db @ 7.5 mm (2 turns)

Maximum reach (no bend):

125 m (14.025Gb SW)

380 m (10GbE)

190 m (8.5Gb FC)

400 m (4.25Gb FC)

Cable length: 5m (16.4 ft)

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