• Standing Close Rack 20U - 900mm
Standing Close Rack 20U - 900mm
Standing Close Rack 20U - 900mm
Rp 8,690,000

Standing Close Rack 19" - Glass Door
IR9020G | Height : 20U | Width : 600mm | Depth : 900mm

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Rack Model
Rack Model IR9020G
Height 20U
Width 600mm
Depth 900mm
Accessories - Front door, Steel rear door, 2side door with lock - 1Unit horizontal PDU 8 outlet with switch for 10U - 32U - 1Unit vertical PDU 12 outlet with switch for 42U & 45U - 1Unit modular fan for Rack10U - 32U - 2Unit modular fan for Rack 42U - 45U - 1Pcs top brush panel - 1Set cable ring - 1Pcs fixed shelf - 1Set Castor set of 4 - 1set adjustable foot of 4 - 100Set Cagenut & Screw
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