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Monitor Lenovo D32qc-20

Monitor Lenovo D32qc-20
Monitor Lenovo D32qc-20
Monitor Lenovo D32qc-20
Monitor Lenovo D32qc-20

Amplify efficiency and breeze through your daily dose of entertainment with the Lenovo C32qc-20. Its Near-Edgeless QHD display, coupled with a 1500R curved screen, offers immersive visuals to heighten the viewing experience. Whether you are gaming, browsing or watching a video, this monitor keeps you enthralled at all times. The C32qc-20 delivers an engaging gaming experience, thanks to its high refresh rate, quick response time and AMD FreeSync technology.

Prices are subject to change at any time following the conditions of the exchange rate of IDR against USD. So, before making a transaction, please confirm the price in advance to our Sales Consultant via the available live chat. Happy shopping :)

Brightness 300 cd/m²
Weight (kg)
Weight (kg) 8
Monitor size
Monitor size 31,5 inci

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  • Model: Monitor Lenovo D32qc-20
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