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ThinkSystem ST550 020SG (7X10A020SG)

ThinkSystem ST550 020SG (7X10A020SG)
ThinkSystem ST550 020SG (7X10A020SG)
ThinkSystem ST550 020SG (7X10A020SG)
ThinkSystem ST550 020SG (7X10A020SG)

Enterprise performance and flexibility. Compact footprint. ThinkSystem ST550 is a 4U tower server that provides the performance and reliability you expect from the data center, delivered in a package optimized for office environments. ST550 supports Lenovo AnyBay technology which enables the mixing of storage types (U.2/SAS/SATA) in the same bays. Up to 6x PCIe adapter slots and multiple RAID options offer the flexibility you need for NICs, GPUs, and other adapters.

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Tipe Core Xeon Silver 4110 8C 85W 2.1GHz 11MB
Kapasitas Memori 1x8GB TruDDR4
Kapasitas Hardisk 3.5 4-Bay SAS/SATA
Warranty 3 tahun
Lain-lain 530-8i PCIe | 1x550W | European 10A line C13 to CEE 7/7 (2.8M)

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Rp 35.000.000
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  • Model: ThinkSystem ST550 020SG (7X10A020SG)
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