SimpliVity's HPE Function Increases Data Efficiency

Additional improvements in data efficiency are obtained by fully utilizing the combined functions provided by SimpliVity HPE technology. Efficiency will continue to increase because administrators work more with platforms - the more actions taken, the more efficiency is obtained.

  • Backup - When VM backups are made, overall efficiency increases while increasing availability. High backup frequencies will effectively provide a lower recovery point objective (RPO). HPE gives IT the ability to meet business demands that were previously impossible in a predetermined budget.
  • Clone - HPE Architecture SimpliVity allows fast cloning, which brings more freedom to test and develop teams. The efficiency of data continues to increase as more clones are made.
  • Retention - When data is maintained longer, there is an increase in the ability to restore old data, increasing overall data protection. There is no need to choose between increasing capabilities and increasing efficiency.
  • Recovering - The need to turn on a VM or return to time on individual files is no longer an administrative or resource burden because it can be recovered simply and quickly. If the restored VM remains long-term, there is no need for additional steps, extra resources consumed, or integrity concerns from a backup, only increasing data efficiency.